How to Choose a Ring

Find the girl who is the “one.” √
Ask her father for her hand in marriage. √
Plan the perfect proposal. √
But what about buying the engagement ring?

This can be an overwhelming task. It’s the symbol of your love for your girlfriend, and it’s the main action to carry the relationship to the next level.

For many men, the purchase of their lady’s engagement ring will be their first experience in the wild world of jewelry. When they walk into a jewelry store they’re inundated with terms and concepts that they’re totally not familiar with. Tiffany setting? Pave? Eternity band? What the…!!?

No worries :)

We are here to help you! Here we go;

Your Budget

The first thing you’ll need to do before you step into a jewelry store is to establish a budget. It will help the jeweler show you options that are in your price range.

You may have heard that a man is supposed to spend a couple of months salary on an engagement ring. But there’s nothing romantic about going into major debt. Buy the nicest ring that you can afford. In the end, it’s not the amount of money you spend on an engagement ring that matters, but rather the thought that goes into purchasing it.

If you want to propose, don’t delay because you think you can’t afford a better ring. The ring is supposed to be a symbol of your love, and commitment… Not the money. Plus, keep in mind that you always have a chance to get her another ring for an anniversary present somewhere down the line as well.

A Surprise

More men come in with their girlfriends to pick out a ring. It is great to let your wife-to-be pick out the ring she wants will ensure that the ring fits and that she likes it of course, but please keep in mind you might be also denying yourself a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show how  thoughtful and romantic you are 

Imagine the look of surprise your girlfriend will have when;

√ you propose to her,

√ the ring fits, and

√ the ring you picked is exactly what she wanted.

Making the engagement ring a surprise will take some work, but it’s well worth the investment.

For sure this is not to say that surprising her is the only way to go. Some women will insist that they go along with you to pick out the ring. Always do what you and your girlfriend think is best.

Her Ring Size

I can tell, this is where a lot of men screw up in the purchasing process. They’ll have the perfect ring picked out, but they get the wrong size ring for their girlfriend’s finger. When they get down on one knee and attempt to slide the ring on their lady’s finger, it doesn’t fit and awkwardness ensues.

If you get the wrong size ring, all isn’t lost. You’ll just have to take the ring back to the jeweler and get it properly fitted. But it’s best to avoid the additional cost and the potential embarrassment at proposing time by making sure the ring you pick is the right size.

The best way to get your girlfriend’s ring size is to get a ring that she isn’t wearing and bring it to us to be measured. If you want to maintain the surprise factor, you’ll have to be sneaky about this  Swipe a ring from her jewelry box or recruit one of her friends to pocket a ring while she’s over her house. Try to swipe a ring that you don’t see her wearing very much; she’ll be less likely to notice its absence.

Her Style

You want to pick a ring that fits your woman’s unique style and preferences.

When you’re with your girlfriend, take note of the type of jewelry she wears. Does she wear a lot of gold? Maybe she’s a silver or platinum woman. Perhaps there’s a particular stone she wears a lot. Does she like simple, understated pieces? Or does she favor the big, glitzy variety? Think about her personality; is she an outgoing girl who you know is going to want to show off her ring to everyone she meets? Then go for something big and sparkly. Is she an earthy woman, who doesn’t wear much jewelry at all? Look for rings that are simple, yet beautiful.

Another way to get a feel for her engagement ring preferences is to take her right into a jewelry store. The key to this is to go under another pretext. Tell her you need to go to the mall to look for some new shoes and that you’d like her to come along. When you’re walking to the department store, go past a jewelry store and say, “Hey, I want to stop and look at some watches.” While you’re busy pretending to be interested in the watches, she will be looking at the rings. Look at what she’s gazing at. Make a mental note of it. Say something casual like, “That’s a nice one,” and gage her reaction. Go back to looking at watches. Leave. Mission accomplished.

Then just come in and let us know  we will come up to you with the best option!

Engagement Ring Band

You have a variety of metals to choose from for the engagement ring’s band. The most common include yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, and silver.

Please note that each metal has their advantage and disadvantages. For instance, platinum is an extremely durable metal and will last a long time. However, it dulls much more quickly than gold, and it’s harder to bring back the initial luster it once had.

Gold, on the other hand, is shinier than platinum, and because it’s a soft metal, it’s easier to buff and polish it to get back the ring’s original luster. Gold’s advantage over platinum is also its weakness. Because it’s a soft metal, gold wears down faster.

While you may be interested in the durability of the engagement ring band, your future wife may probably be more interested in the way it looks. If your lady is a woman who stays on top of the latest fashion trends, you may go with a platinum or white gold band.

If she’s more of a classic type of gal, you may go with the traditional yellow gold band.

Select the Diamond

So you’ve selected the right band. We now move to the diamond step. For many men, purchasing a diamond can seem complicated task, but with a bit of knowledge, you can walk out of a jewelry store with a stone your fiancee will be so happy to show off to her friends.

When selecting a diamond, you’ll want to take into account the “4 C’s:” cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. All four of these factors determine the quality and cost of the diamond.

For further information please click 4C

Choose the Setting

A ring’s “setting” refers to the way in which the diamond is placed on the ring. Like everything else with an engagement ring, which setting you pick depends a lot on your girlfriend’s preferences. You can actually create combinations of different settings if you want. We will help you on that too once you come in our store.

Insure the Ring

 An engagement ring is both a financial and sentimental investment. Because of this huge investment of money and emotion, it might be a good idea to insure your girlfriend’s engagement ring in case it’s ever lost, stolen, or damaged.